3 junejun 2024

The Mint of Poland as a Strategic Partner of the WallStreet conference

The most prestigious event in Poland for individual investors will take place in Karpacz from June 7 to 9. This year's edition of the WallStreet conference, of which the Mint of Poland is a Strategic Partner, will gather more than 1,500 participants! Join us for three panels with the participation of our experts.

26 aprilapr 2024

PLN 26 million in net profit and nearly PLN 34 million in EBITDA - The Mint of Poland has summarized with satisfaction its results for the first quarter of 2024

The Mint of Poland Group summarized the first three months of this year with increases in results in every segment of its operations. During the reporting period, sales revenues were higher by nearly PLN 21 million, net profit by nearly PLN 20 million, and EBITDA by more than PLN 23 million. The reported results confirm the company's strong market position and the effects of a consistently implemented development strategy.

22 marchmar 2024

Growth at every level of the income statement - The Mint of Poland Group reported results for 2023

The Mint of Poland Group summarized 2023 with revenues from sales exceeding PLN 1.2 billion. Operating profit was more than doubled year-on-year and amounted to PLN 110.6 million. The EBITDA result amounted to PLN 130.6 million (PLN 60 million more than a year earlier).

14 februaryfeb 2024

New payment solution for public transport tickets in Wrocław

On 14 February, passengers on public transport in Wrocław gained a new option for paying for tickets. They will benefit from Visa Mobile as part of the system operated by the Mint of Poland, making purchases through the Passenger Portal or the URBANCARD application.

12 februaryfeb 2024

Outstanding works by Zdzisław Beksiński immortalised on coins of the Mint of Poland

The Mint of Poland is the only mint in the world with the exclusive right to mint coins featuring reproductions of the works of one of the most interesting and fascinating contemporary artists. The first of a series of coins created as a tribute to Zdzisław Beksiński, described as an icon of global surrealism, has just been added to its portfolio. The painting "Figure" has been commemorated in pure silver. Ultimately, the Mint of Poland has planned three-coin series, each with five motifs.

7 februaryfeb 2024

Space premiere - the Mint of Poland has created the world's first flying coin!

The Mint of Poland has created the world's first coin that floats in the air. The authors of the pioneering UFO MP-1766 project were inspired by the slogan 'The sky is not the limit'. The international premiere of the coin took place during the Technical Forum in Berlin, held as part of the prestigious industry event World Money Fair 2024. The Mint's original solution aroused great interest among experts and fair participants.

5 januaryjan 2024

“Akademia Pana Kleksa” brings generations together - the sale of the only licensed coin has started

A collector coin with the title character of the latest film adaptation of "Akademia Pana Kleksa" has been added to the offer of the Mint of Poland. This is a real treat for both numismatic enthusiasts and film lovers. Although the official premiere of the film takes place today, the modernised version of Jan Brzechwa's story has already managed to conquer the hearts of audiences at pre-release screenings.

27 novembernov 2023

The sales office of the Mint of Poland for investment products in Opole is now up and running

On 27 November this year, the residents of Opole gained direct access to the Mint of Poland's top-quality investment products. At 8 Katedralna Street, they will also be able to receive expert advice on gold bullion investments. What is more, they can rest assured that the offer will be tailored to their individual needs and resources.

24 novembernov 2023

One year of the Open Payment System in Poznań and surrounding municipalities

One year ago, the Open Payment System was introduced in the Poznań agglomeration. Since then, mobile payment terminals have been installed in almost 760 vehicles, making it possible to pay quickly and conveniently for trips on the city and suburban lines. Around 420,000 tickets have been purchased by passengers in the last 12 months. The most popular tickets were the 15-minute and 45-minute tickets.

23 novembernov 2023

Investment bestsellers from the offer of the Mint of Poland

Since the beginning of the year, customers of the Mint of Poland have received almost 1.5 tonnes of gold, mainly in the form of bars and investment coins. The Mint's own products have always accounted for the largest share of sales - more than 50% of the value of all investment gold sales. What was the most popular? We know the answer!

22 novembernov 2023

The Mint of Poland's new sales office in Olsztyn is now open!

As of the last week of November, we welcome the residents of Olsztyn and the surrounding area to the Mint of Poland's newly opened sales office. It is a place where customers can directly purchase the highest quality gold and silver investment products, such as bars or bullion coins, with the assistance of experienced advisors.

31 octoberoct 2023

The Mint of Poland reported results for the first three quarters of 2023

The financial stability and business diversification potential of the Mint of Poland are confirmed by its financial results for the first three quarters of this year. The Group achieved higher profits both at the level of profit on sales and at other levels of the income statement, despite the strong base of the previous year. Significant increases were recorded in Real Estate Development and Electronic Payments. Liquidity remained at a very good level during the period.

3 octoberoct 2023

Mint of Poland partner at prestigious Mint and Print Conference in Dubai

The sixth edition of the international Mint and Print Conference has just started in Dubai. The Polish Mint will be represented on the panel by Siemowit Kalukiewicz, Member of the Board for Coin Production and Logistics and Director of Production and Operations. The event will also include a presentation of selected Mint projects that have excited coin enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

20 septembersep 2023

We share our experience in modern payments in public transport

How can passengers be encouraged to use public transport? What can municipalities and local authorities gain from implementing the Mint of Poland's own solution, the Open Payment System? Katarzyna Budnicka-Filipiuk, President of the Management Board of the Mint of Poland, answered these and other questions during a panel discussion at the Wroclaw Technology Park.

12 septembersep 2023

A small investment with a big impact - new products from the Mint of Poland

Bars of 0.5 and 0.25 g have been added to the Mint of Poland's product offer. Lower weights are an opportunity to systematically save even small amounts of money. This form of investment is an option for every pocket – simple and understandable for everyone. Moreover, it is likely to pay off over time. In the past year alone, the price of gold has risen by almost 13%, and in the past five years by almost 62%.

18 augustaug 2023

Coins from the Mint of Poland have arrived in the United States

Lately, the hearts of numismatic enthusiasts have been beating faster in Pittsburgh. This is due to the World's Fair of Money - a prestigious industry trade fair where the Mint of Poland presented its miniature works of art. Coins with special 3D inserts and gilding, as well as a ducat with Kazimierz Pulaski, attracted the greatest amount of interest.f interest.

Casimir Pulaski
7 augustaug 2023

Pułaski in gold and silver - the Mint of Poland pays tribute to the Polish American hero

The Mint of Poland has created gold ducats and a silver thaler with the image of General Kazimierz Pułaski – a patriot important to the American Revolution and the Polish battle for independence. The unique investment not only commemorates the hero and his extraordinary story, but also makes for an attractive capital allocation.

4 augustaug 2023

Results in H1 2023 confirm strong position of the Mint of Poland

Mint of Poland Group has summed up its performance for the first two quarters of this year. The reported results, after considering the high comparative base for the previous year, confirm the strong position and financial stability of the Group. Sales revenues reached PLN 570.4 million, net profit stood at PLN 36.4 million and EBITDA, including investments valued using the equity method, of PLN 48.4 million. 

26 junejun 2023

Wisława Szymborska immortalized in silver - the Mint of Poland launches the "Polish female Nobel Prize winners" series.

The Mint of Poland, in cooperation with the Wisława Szymborska Foundation, has created a unique coin commemorating the 100th birthday of the outstanding Polish poet. This is not only a small work of art, made in silver with attention to every detail, but also the start of a new series of collector coins of the Mint of Poland “Polish female Nobel Prize winners”.

21 aprilapr 2023

Three new points of sale of gold investment products, more planned this year

The Mint of Poland is rapidly expanding its gold investment products sales network. In the last two weeks it has launched three new points of sale of gold investment products in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Toruń and Łódź. Customers who visit them can receive expert advice and the offer tailored to their current needs and financial capabilities.