11 augustaug 2020

Stabilization and growth – the Mint of Poland sums up performance in the first two quarters of 2020

Mint of Poland Group (MPSA) has released its H1 2020 consolidated financial report. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Group generated stronger results as compared with the corresponding period of the year before. MPSA also improved its return on sale and operating profit margin.

Mint of Poland Group moves up 116 positions in the ranking of Top 500 companies in Poland
27 maymay 2020

Mint of Poland Group moves up 116 positions in the ranking of Top 500 companies in Poland

The 22nd edition of the “500 List” comprising the largest companies in Poland has confirmed that well-planned business diversification is conducive to building a stronger market position amidst the dynamically changing market situation. This year, the Mint of Poland Group ranked 117th, up by as many as 116 positions on the year before.

18 maymay 2020

Mint of Poland pays tribute to Pope John Paul II on the birth centenary

The late Pope John Paul II continues to be a source of inspiration for many, including artists who create timeless mementos of his life and pontificate. In tribute to one of the greatest Poles in history, on the initiative of the Mint of Poland a commemorative coin “Karol Wojtyła in Memoriam – 100th Anniversary of the Birth” was designed by Polish artists.

14 maymay 2020

Mint of Poland reports good growth in Q1 2020

Mint of Poland Group has published its Q1 2020 consolidated report. Excluding one-off and extraordinary events, across-the-board growth was recorded as compared with the corresponding period of the year before. The financials confirm the rationality of the Group’s business development strategy, as well as the Group’s stability, as evidences by the profits being in line with predictions and satisfactory financial liquidity.

24 marchmar 2020

Mint of Poland reports FY 2019 consolidated performance

Mint of Poland Group has released its consolidated interim reports for Q4 2019 and cumulatively for Q1-Q4 2019. Excluding one-off and extraordinary events, the FY 2019 consolidated result on sales was PLN 25 million, the FY 2019 consolidated EBITDA was PLN 45 million and the FY 2019 consolidated net profit was PLN 11 million. As compared to the FY 2018 results, the relatively weaker performance in FY 2019 was mainly due to significant positive effect of one-offs recorded in 2018.

9 marchmar 2020

Mobile validators from Mennica Polska win the hearts of passengers in Wrocław

More than one-third of all ticket sales of the Wrocław Municipal Card (“URBANCARD”) and close to 65 percent of sales of single and time-limit tickets – cashless payments in mobile validators operated by Mennica Polska (Mint of Poland) are becoming increasingly more popular among public transport users in Wrocław. On 8 March 2020, two years have passed since this new innovative payment system, where the payment card itself – and not a traditional paper ticket – serve as the proof of ticket purchase, was launched. And its growing popularity among passengers proves that the launch was a step in the right direction.

28 januaryjan 2020

A site visit to the Mint of Poland

Only a few have witnessed the process of minting. Among those lucky ones are 35 students of Jozef Poniatowski’s Fifth Secondary Comprehensive School in Warsaw, who had the opportunity to visit the Mint of Poland. What the students found particularly surprising was that the special minting press could mint as many as 15 coins per minute. Read on to see what else they learned during the visit.

23 januaryjan 2020

We support The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation

Every year, the Mint of Poland and its volunteers raise funds during the Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Moreover, we produce well-known Gold Hearts, which are bid for at the special auctions. According to the Foundation, we are “the maker of the world's most valuable gold product".

22 januaryjan 2020

“Coin Constellation 2020” Five awards for the Mint of Poland

33 participants representing 22 countries took part in 13th edition of “Coin Constellation 2020” contest. The Mint of Poland stood on the podium in four categories. It was a huge success because more than 220 projects were submitted in this year's edition.

8 januaryjan 2020

The Mint of Poland on the Finance and Investment Forum

We are pleased to announce that the Mint of Poland will take part in the Finance and Investment Forum on January 10th-11th. During the event, you will have the opportunity to ask our seasoned investment experts how to build your private wealth. Visit our stand (T-33) and learn more about secure gold deposits.