Quality control

The whole process begins with weighing blanks, which then must be washed, dried and transported. Each product is subject to strict weight control and only sterling quality blanks will be further processed and ultimately sold.

Kontrola jakości


Weighed blanks are placed on special trays, each holding up to 50 pieces.


Particular care

Due to mirror surfaces, it is necessary to be particularly careful when handling blanks. Workers of the Mint use special rubber protective finger cots to avoid making the blanks dirty.

Szczególna ostrożność


The minting process is preceded by the preparation and assembly of two minting dies, with the use of which an appropriate image on the gold bar obverse and reverse can be struck.



If it is necessary to replace the dies, we have spare sets developed for each product type.



One set of dies can be used to strike even several hundred of gold bars. In the event of the slightest scratch or defect, the stamps are immediately replaced.



The process of pressing begins with placing blanks inside special collars by hand, while striking is performed with a special press. The metal is pressed with several tonnes, and each minted blank is struck several times to transfer the designs.


Gold bar

The finished product immediately undergoes quality control, and then it goes to packaging. The obverse bears the weight in grammes, the Mint of Poland mint mark, gold purity and M/W monogram which is also visible on the gold bar reverse.



Individual bars undergo random weight inspection, and then are transferred to the Packaging Department where they are packed in CertiCards, i.e. packaging ensuring their authenticity.


Finished goods

On the packaging, there is a bar specification including its weight, gold purity and individual number. The products prepared in this way are delivered to the Mint of Poland-owned shops, selected distributors and partner networks.

Gotowy wyrób

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