The Mint of Poland offers secure gold storage services provided under a storage agreement. The fee for the secure storage service depends on the quantity of stored gold and is as follows:

  • up to 1kg – PLN 420.00 per year,
  • from 1kg to 10kg – PLN 420.00 per year + PLN 240.00 for each additional kg,
  • from 10kg to 25kg – a fixed fee of PLN 2,580.00 per year,
  • more than 25kg – a fixed fee of PLN 2,580.00 + 0.015% of the value of each additional gramme per year.

For agreements with a monthly settlement period, the aforementioned rates are charged in the amount of 1/12 for each month of the term of the agreement.

The Mint of Poland reserves the right to change the prices for secure storage services.

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To conclude your storage agreement or get more information, please contact:

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