Converting large gold bars into small pieces

At the headquarters of the Mint, we convert large gold bars into smaller pieces. Depending on purchase order volume, a proper quantity of the raw material is separated. Prepared in this way, the material is then placed in crucibles in accordance with a weight of the bar to be cast.


Melting room

In the so-called metal melting room, the content of the crucible is poured into an induction furnace, where at a controlled temperature of 1064°C, it is melted. The duration of the melting process largely depends on the parameter settings of the furnace, but generally it does not exceed several dozen of seconds.


Melted gold

Melted gold is then poured into a bar mould where it is heated up with a gas burner in order to improve the appearance of the cast bar.

Płynne złoto


The bar is cooled in water and checked, with particular attention paid to the weight of the semi-finished product. At this stage the quantity of the initial and final material is compared.



The cast bars are transferred to mark. In the pressing process the mint mark, weight and gold purity is applied to one side of each bar.



It is a very vulnerable stage of the entire process as there is only one chance to precisely press the hallmarks – there is no possibility to make even the smallest adjustment.


Quality control

The finished product undergoes a comprehensive quality control procedure, which guarantees the provision of appropriate parameters of the bar, including its weight.

Kontrola jakości


At the final stage, and before the product is sent to the customer, the bars are welded into a protective film.


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