We won! Great success for the Mint of Poland at “Coin Constellation 2020”!

30 december 2020

In the Fourteenth International Contest “Coin Constellation 2020”, the Mint of Poland won awards in a total of three categories: “Original Technology”, “Unique Concept” and “Coin Classics”. It is a huge success for Poland’s largest collector coin manufacturer as the competition was very strong – this year’s edition of the prestigious contest organized by the Water Mark Publishing House was attended by 26 participants, including the world’s leading mints, national banks, and coin distribution companies.

The first place in the category “Unique Technology” confirms the Mint of Poland’s strong position in the international minting market in terms of technology innovation. The winner, the 3D coin “Ave, Cesar!”, showcases the unique technological advancement that the Company’s products are famed for all around the world, making them highly desirable for international collectors. This is possible thanks to the perfect combination of highest precision and superior craftsmanship of minting with bold ideas of coin designers, as shown by “Ave, Cesar!” that features a 3-dimensional representation of the ancient Colosseum with selective antique finish, laser frosting and high relief.

Check out the coin in our online store: "Ave, Cesar!” (nominal value: 10 dollars)

In the category “Unique Concept”, the international expert jury awarded the Mint of Poland’s “Genesis – Creation of the World”. It is a truly spectacular, artist-designed silver coin featuring two intersecting discs. Rotating it around the main axis reveals metaphorical depictions of the consecutive days of biblical Genesis. Prepared by the award-winning Polish coin designer and sculpturer, the depictions were minted with high precision onto the surfaces using digital printing and laser frosting and including Swarovski crystal elements, which ensures the unparalleled visual effect.

Check out the coin in our online store: “Genesis – Creation of the World” (nominal value: 5 dollars)

But the Mint of Poland’s outstanding products are not only about technology and design innovation. Their superb craftsmanship also shines in the simplicity of classic designs. In the category “Coin Classics”, the Coin Constellation jury awarded “The Szóstak of John III Sobieski”, featuring the 17th-century Polish coin known as the szóstak (six grosz). The success of this silver collector coin from the “History of Polish Coins” series commissioned by the

National Bank of Poland confirms the timeless attractiveness of elegance combined with simplicity.

Check out the coin in our online store: “The Szóstak of John III Sobieski” (nominal value: 20 zloty)

“In collector coin production, we pay attention to every detail. Our bold design ideas developed using the newest minting technologies are highly rated not only by Polish and international issuers but also by numismatic experts. The fact that our products were awarded by a professional jury in three different categories confirms the superb quality, high uniqueness and diversity of our product portfolio. It is our great joy and pride to see the praise and recognition for our work on the international numismatic stage,” said Siemowit Kalukiewicz, Head of the Production Organization Department, Mint of Poland.

The images of the coins entered by the contestants along with their detailed descriptions were assessed by the international professional jury consisting of experts from famous museums and auction houses, representatives of numismatic associations and authors of specialized publications about coins from different countries.

The jury members determined Top 3 coins in nine main categories: “Unique Concept”, “The Best Artistic Solution”, “Original Technology”, “The Best Circulating Coin”, “Coin Classics”, “Souvenir Coin”, “Silver Coin of the Year”, “Gold Coin of the Year” and “Coin of the Year”. The winner of the tenth category “People’s Choice Award” was determined in an online vote.