We broke the record once again! A total of nearly PLN 250,000 for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity from Mint of Poland

15 february 2022

Almost PLN 250,000 will contribute to meeting the objectives of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation through the involvement of the Mint of Poland in the 30th Grand Finale of the country’s major charity fundraiser. This year, always twice as much money was raised as the year before. Over the last five years, we have donated a total of almost half a million zlotys to this noble initiative!

We bring together people with ‘hearts of gold’

One of the pillars of the Mint of Poland’s operations is the use of its strong market position to support initiatives fueled by passion and a desire to provide real help to those in need. Therefore, for many years, we’ve been actively involved in raising funds to accomplish the goals of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

This year, with the involvement of our Employees and our Supporters, we donated a record-high sum – almost a quarter of a million zlotys! The funds will be used to ensure the highest standards of diagnostics and treatment of eyesight in children.

Exceptional auctions, exceptional Guests

Commemorative, personalized medals had the largest share in this year’s record-high result of the Mint of Poland – a total of nearly 215,000 PLN raised from their sale will support the causes of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The most expensive piece from the limited edition was bought by its new owner for nearly PLN 41,000. The remaining amount is proof of generosity and great hearts of Guests who visited our stand during the Grand Finale, as well as the result of auctioning off two site tours of our cutting-edge production plant.

As every year, the Orchestra’s signature Gold Hearts, manufactured by the Mint of Poland, also went to auction. Gold Heart No. 1 was auctioned for nearly PLN 778,000. It’s almost 100,000 PLN more than the year before.