Mint of Poland launches its first shop in Lower Silesia

24 february 2022

Today, the Mint of Poland has opened its new shop in Wroclaw, the capital city of the south-eastern District of Lower Silesia. With its wide range of products on offer, the shop caters to the needs of both investors looking for gold investment opportunities and coin collectors, but also of those hunting for original gift ideas.

Recognized brand, wide range of products

Located in the “Tarasy Grabiszyńskie” shopping mall in Wroclaw, the Mint of Poland’s first shop in Lower Silesia is a new place on the map of the city to explore. It offers customers a wide range of gold products and exquisite collector coins manufactured with great attention to detail and featuring a multitude of themes.

Notably, the Mint of Poland is the only domestic manufacturer of gold bars. Unlike many intermediary companies operating in the gold market, we have our own cutting-edge production plant in the country. This is what distinguishes our offering from all others.

The Mint of Poland’s collector coins are produced on the same presses as its gold bars. They are highly rated not only by customers, but also by industry experts who frequently award them for their original designs and innovative production methods. Also, the Mint of Poland is one of the world’s leading manufacturers, using a wide range of decorative techniques and boasting high technological advancement of its products.

An original gift… and a smart investment idea

Gold bars, gold bullion coins and collector coins can also be an original gift idea. Gold is often chosen as a baptism, first communion or wedding souvenir while collector coins are appreciated by numismatic enthusiasts or those who are interested in the theme of the coin.

What’s more, gold is attractive because of its investment potential. It has long been very popular among those who care about their personal finances. And for a good reason. Long-term savings protection combined with a low entry barrier and clear rules for gold purchase and sale are a blueprint for a successful investment in uncertain times, regardless of the size of your investment portfolio.

Mint of Poland’s stationary and online sales network

The Mint of Poland continues to dynamically develop its retail sales network. The purchase of gold investment products and collector coins is possible in the Company’s shops and points of sale and online. Gold may also be purchased in four sales offices (in Warsaw, Lublin, Katowice and Bialystok) and in all Bank PKO BP branches nationwide.