Mint of Poland launches three new points of sale this year – in Lublin, Katowice and Białystok

14 february 2022

Only this year, the Mint of Poland has opened three new points of sale all around the country to respond to the strong demand for gold investment products. The interest in gold has remained consistently high for quite some time now as investors see it as a safe haven amid the storm of uncertainty that also offers the potential of generating a profit in the long-term.

Your gold investment opportunity with the Mint of Poland

The Mint of Poland continues to dynamically expand its bricks-and-mortar and online gold sales network. At present, the traditional purchase of gold investment products is possible in the Company’s shops and points of sale, and in all Bank PKO BP branches nationwide. Clients who wish to buy the products online are welcome to use the Mint of Poland’s online shop.

Since the beginning of the year, another three points of sale – in Lublin, Katowice and Białystok – have been added to the Company’s network. This is for the comfort of clients who prefer direct contact with an experienced advisor that will help them choose the products that best suit their needs and budget.

Safety and guarantee of repurchase

The Mint of Poland offers a wide range of gold bars and bullion coins produced by the Company and by its renowned foreign partners (Heraeus, Umicore and Valcambi). Notably, the Mint of Poland’s own products currently account for 60 percent of total gold sales, which confirms their high quality and clients’ trust in the brand.

Apart from the safety of transaction, backed by more than 255 years of experience, strong market position and the Company’s expertise, the buyers also get the guarantee to resell their gold on market terms. What’s more, the Mint of Poland also offers its clients secure gold storage in the Company’s vault.