Visa confirms that Mint of Poland’s cashless solutions meet the highest security and convenience standards

7 march 2022

The Mint of Poland has received the Visa Ready certification in the MTT category ‘Transit – Back Office’. This confirms that all the Company’s services related to the performance of cashless payment transactions in public transport meet the strictest requirements of this world-leading international payment organisation. This applies to Visa’s standards for security and convenience of use.

Convenience and security of payment

The idea behind the global Visa Ready for Transit Program is to promote contactless payments in public transport around the world, while maintaining the highest security standards. Among Partners of the Program are providers of technology solutions which use contactless card transactions to increase the convenience of public transport passengers. Currently, the Mint of Poland can boast successful certification in both MTT (Mass Transit Transaction) and KFT (Known Fare Transaction) categories.

The highest standard of card transaction security is also confirmed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard certificate, which affirms that the Mint of Poland meets the strict security guidelines of the world-leading payment organisations Visa and Mastercard. The PCI DSS certificate is valid for one year only. Thereafter, it is subject to renewal based on an audit on compliance with the security standards set forth by the PCI Security Standards Council. It guarantees that the personal data and PIN numbers of all card users are encoded, transmitted and stored in accordance with proper procedures.

Mint of Poland as an important Partner of Visa Ready for Transit Program

The Visa Ready for Transit Program supports and promotes the implementation of secure and convenient payment solutions by technology companies. The partnership is based on providing access to expert knowledge and a platform for exchange of best market practices that will ultimately benefit all market participants.

The programme was officially launched in November 2017. The Mint of Poland joined in March 2018 as the first company from Poland and one of 14 new partners from 10 countries including Estonia, France, Germany, Luxembourg, UK, Brazil, China, India and Japan.