Four new silver collector coins from Mint of Poland

11 april 2022

“Crystal Scarab”, “Triton”, “In Victoria” and “Alter Ego” – these are the latest additions to the wide range of highly-unique and sought-after collector coins available in the Mint of Poland’s online shop. Minted from the finest silver, they will certainly appeal to both seasoned collectors and those looking for an original gift idea. All the newly-launched coins have been designed with great attention to detail and manufactured using the most modern production techniques like crystal embossing, gilding and copper plating.

A lucky charm coin

The most decorative coin of the Mint of Poland’s numismatic novelties is “Crystal Scarab”, the 2-oz silver coin with the face value of 5 New Zealand Dollars and a very attractive reverse. On it we can see a scarab with spread wings, masterfully decorated with crystals. The rim bears the inscriptions ‘ELIZABETH II’ and ‘NIUE ISLAND’, separated by decorative pearls. The coin, whose theme is rebirth, has been produced in a limited edition of 500 pieces. It can be used as a lucky charm to protect the owner and their family from harm, but also it can serve as a gift for a special person to wish them good luck for a new challenge.


Treats for an antique lover

“Triton”, the 2-oz silver collector coin with the face value of 5 New Zealand Dollars, will delight every connoisseur of antiquity. The reverse features the image of Poseidon’s son, Triton while the selective gilding technique emphasizes the two attributes of the Greek God of the Sea – the crown and the trident –against the background of oxidised silver. The coin has been minted in a limited edition of 600 pieces.

Another new collector coin whose design leans on the ancient tradition is “In Victoria”. A gladiator in the central part of the coin’s reverse stands for the warrior that each of us is our everyday life. Surrounded by a laurel wreath and decorated with 24-carat gold, it symbolises victory despite adversity. The coin, with the mintage limited to 799 pieces, will make an original gift for anyone who strives for success with unwavering fortitude and perseverance.

Numismatic creation with an important message

“Alter Ego” is a 2-oz silver collector coin that masterfully portrays the duality of human nature. The selective copper plating technique was used to decorate the left side of the obverse. The coin’s original antique finish, combined with modern styling, produced a very interesting visual effect. The timeless message of strength and weakness as the two sides of the same coin makes it an excellent gift idea as well as a treat for collectors. The central part of the reverse features the issuer’s coat of arms along with the face value of the coin – 2,000 CFA Francs. The mintage of the coin is limited to 600 pieces.