The sales office of the Mint of Poland for investment products in Opole is now up and running

27 november 2023

On 27 November this year, the residents of Opole gained direct access to the Mint of Poland's top-quality investment products. At 8 Katedralna Street, they will also be able to receive expert advice on gold bullion investments. What is more, they can rest assured that the offer will be tailored to their individual needs and resources.

The Mint of Poland always close to its customers

At the Mint of Poland's newly opened sales office in Opole, customers can purchase a wide range of investment products, including gold and silver bars and bullion coins. In recent months, a design featuring the Polish-American hero General Kazimierz Pułaski has proved to be a bestseller. The silver thaler and gold ducat are not only a worthwhile investment, but also a feast for the eyes.


Development of the investment products distribution network

The opening of a new sales office in Opole is the result of the implementation of a long-term strategy to develop the distribution network for the Mint of Poland's investment products. It is also a response to the strong interest in precious metal investments - since the beginning of this year alone, the Mint of Poland has provided its customers with almost 1.5 tonnes of gold, mainly in the form of bars and bullion coins. For centuries, investments in precious metals, especially yellow bullion, have been considered a safe haven for capital, especially in times of geopolitical and economic uncertainty


A valuable investment based on simple principles

Investing in gold bullion is based on principles that are simple and understandable to everyone. However, it is worth considering it as a long-term investment. Why is that? Experienced advisors from the Mint of Poland will answer this and other questions for the people of Opole.