One year of the Open Payment System in Poznań and surrounding municipalities

24 november 2023

One year ago, the Open Payment System was introduced in the Poznań agglomeration. Since then, mobile payment terminals have been installed in almost 760 vehicles, making it possible to pay quickly and conveniently for trips on the city and suburban lines. Around 420,000 tickets have been purchased by passengers in the last 12 months. The most popular tickets were the 15-minute and 45-minute tickets.

Facilities for public transport users

The intuitive Open Payment System ticket punchers provide an efficient, quick and convenient way to buy a public transport ticket once you have boarded the bus or tram. To pay for your journey, select your ticket type on the on-board terminal screen, and then pay using a contactless payment card or NFC-enabled mobile devices such as smartphones or smartwatches. Nearly 420,000 tickets have been purchased this way by passengers in and around Poznań in the last 12 months. Almost 45 per cent of these were standard 15-minute tickets and almost 24 per cent were 15-minute discounted tickets. There was also interest in 45-minute tickets (16.5%). The Mint of Poland's own solution works on both inner-city and suburban lines.


Eco-friendly and convenient

For each purchase, the system generates a special number (called a Token) in the form of a string of characters. This means you do not need a paper ticket. In the event of a ticket inspection, entitlement to travel is confirmed using a payment card or mobile device, depending on how the transaction was carried out. In addition to the ticket inspector's reader, the validity of the ticket can also be confirmed at the ticket office of the means of transport being used.


Maximum transaction security

By using the Open Payment System, the passenger is guaranteed maximum transaction security. The Mint of Poland has a special PCI DSS certificate. It confirms that all information related to the customer's payment card, including personal data and PIN numbers, is encrypted, transmitted and stored under strict procedures.

The implementation in and around Poznań is the result of cooperation between the Poznań authorities and the Mint of Poland, with significant technological support from Mastercard and Fiserv Polska S.A.