Each coin and numismatic token has a mint mark – a letter, symbol or inscription indicating the mint where the product was manufactured.

It confirms the authenticity and quality of a coin. All products struck at the Mint of Poland can be distinguished by the mint mark consisting of joined letters M/W, being the acronym of the original name of the institution – the Mint of Warsaw.

Coin or numismatic product?

In numismatics we have two basic groups of products – coins and numismatic tokens. There are several important features that distinguish a coin from a numismatic product. Coins are legal tender within a particular territory, they bear issuer’s sign and have a specified face value. Whereas a numismatic token has none of the above mentioned attributes.


Certificate of authenticity

Authenticity of coins struck in precious metals is confirmed with certificates of authenticity. Regretfully, not all mints follow this practice. The Mint of Poland, aiming for ultimate consumer satisfaction, attaches certificates of authenticity to all collectibles.

If you are not sure how to start your collection, try to choose coins according to your hobbies and interests. Always remember to check the origin the coins.


The price of a coin depends on three main factors – the ore from which it was made, its mintage and the year of issue. Not without significance is its artistic merit. The uniqueness of the product is affected by its mintage – the smaller the mintage, the greater the value of the collector coin.

Purity determines the mass of precious metal against the mass of the alloy. In the case of pure precious metals, which are characterized by high malleability, some additives are added to other metals to increase their hardness and durability.



Each collector coin may fall in value as a result of mechanical damage, dents in the edge, scratches of the surface and excessive cleaning.

Therefore it should be stored in special protective capsules, mainly due to external factors such as sun and air pollution.

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