We support The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation

23 january 2020

Every year, the Mint of Poland and its volunteers raise funds during the Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Moreover, we produce well-known Gold Hearts, which are bid for at the special auctions. According to the Foundation, we are “the maker of the world's most valuable gold product".

We say “thank you” to everyone who has joined us and the Great Orchestra this year

During the 28th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity nearly 120 thousand volunteers, including representatives of the Mint od Poland, were raising funds to finance the purchase of medical equipment for pediatric surgery wards and subsequent treatment.

We were glad that we could actively participate in such an important initiative once again. Thanks to our volunteers and the guests who visited our stand on the day of the Grand Finale at Warsaw's Bankowy Square we could transfer PLN 31  205, 12 to the Foundation's account.

Working towards the main goal of this year`s Finale, for the first time in history, we delivered machine-made brass tokens produced with the use of innovative technology of laser frosting of fragment of an image. Traditionally, our guests could also see the process of minting copper tokens on a stump.

What is the history of “Gold Hearts”?

The Mint of Poland is a well-known producer of Gold Hearts for which you can bid at special auctions. A single heart`s weight is about 4.5 grams but its “value” is much higher. 2019 saw the record-breaking bid of PLN 1.2 million for the special “no. 1” heart. This year a quarter of a PLN 1 million was paid in Łódź.

The history of Gold Hearts dates back to the first Finale. Then the Great Orchestra received a large number of gold products, such as rings, chains, and earrings. The Mint of Poland helped to use it in a way that could support others in need.