“Coin Constellation 2020” Five awards for the Mint of Poland

22 january 2020

33 participants representing 22 countries took part in 13th edition of “Coin Constellation 2020” contest. The Mint of Poland stood on the podium in four categories. It was a huge success because more than 220 projects were submitted in this year's edition.

Every year, the most interesting and the most outstanding numismatic projects are awarded in “Coin Constellation”. All major players – mints, central and commercial banks, and coin distributors – take part in the competition.

The 13th edition of this prestigious initiative turned out to be very lucky for us. Our results confirmed that the Mint of Poland is justly recognized as one of the most technologically advanced in the world. The jury appreciated our products’ technological level of innovation, original ideas and high artistic value in four categories:

The first place in the “Souvenir coin” category 
(ex aequo): “Year of the Pig” form the “Chinese Calendar” series (nominal value 20 rubles).
The third place in the “Souvenir coin” category:
the silver coin-earrings “Egyptian Queen Nefertiti” (nominal value 200 CFA francs)
The second place in the “Gold coin of the year” category:
“Qianlong «Wanshou Lianyan» Vase” (nominal value 100 dollars)
The third place in the “Silver coin of the year” category:
“Maternity in Art” (nominal value 1000 CFA francs)
The third place in the “Coin classic” category:
“Henry Valois – Treasures of King Stanislaw August” (nominal value 500 zloty).