Vote for Mint of Poland’s coins in the “Coin Constellation 2021” contest!

17 august 2021

All Internet users may now vote for their favorite new numismatic creations in the Fifteenth International “Coin Constellation” contest. The voting is open till 15th September. The Mint of Poland invites all fans to cast their votes on the Company’s coins entered into the contest. And every vote counts!

16 coins from the Mint of Poland in the running for the title

“Coin Constellation” is one of the most prestigious industry contests whose participants include national banks, mints and coin distributors from all around the world. This year, a total of 220 new designs were entered. Among them were 16 coins created by the Mint of Poland.

In the history of “Coin Constellation”, the main prize of Internet voters – “People’s Choice Award” – went to the Mint of Poland twice, in 2017 and 2013. We hope that, with your votes, we will be able to repeat this success this year. How to show your appreciation for the designers of our small works of art? It is simple.

How to vote for the Mint of Poland’s designs?

Step 1: Take one minute to register (click HERE or press „Register” on the top of the organizer’s website (

Step 2:Next press “Log In” to log into the service with your login and password.

Step 3:Click on the following links to rate the coins entered by the Mint of Poland on the scale from 1 to 10 (with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest):

“Coin Constellation” is organized by Watermark Publishing House. The international professional jury consists of experts from famous museums worldwide, representatives of commercial banks and members of numismatic associations.

Mint of Poland’s coins with an impressive record of awards and prizes

The coins designed by the Mint of Poland reap numerous awards in prestigious industry contests and competitions. In 2020, the international jury of “Coin Constellation” awarded the Company’s coins in three categories: “Original Technology” (“Ave Caesar!”), “Unique Concept” (“Genesis – Creation of the World”) and “Coin Classics” (“The Szóstak of John III Sobieski”). We hope that this year’s contest will prove equally successful for us.

Vote for Mint of Poland’s coins in the “People’s Choice” category! Thank you!