The Mint of Poland celebrates its 250th anniversary

10 february 2016

In 2016 the Mint of Poland celebrates its jubilee. This year’s Minter’s Day inaugurates the events connected with the notable anniversary. Till the end of 2016, all events on the mint’s calendar are addressed to people interested in coinage and numismatics. Moreover, to mark this important occasion, the Company created a series of commemorative tokens.

In Poland the Minter’s Day is celebrated on February 10. Understandably, this date is symbolic in meaning for the Mint of Poland. 250 years ago, in February 1766, Stanisław Autust Poniatowski, the enlightened ruler and patron of arts, introduced a monetary reform by initiating the construction of a newly-opened mint. Its reputable history lasts to this day.

─ We focused on the symbolic meaning and importance of the Minter’s Day. It was the most appropriate date to launch the anniversary events. We have just announced the competition for the design of a commemorative medal honoring the anniversary. The contest is addressed to all  students of art schools and universities of fine arts. In addition to this, we have launched a landing page devoted to the jubilee – Everyone interested in the forthcoming events will find there more details concerning the anniversary activities ─ said Ms. Inga Kosim, Head of the Marketing Department.

However, there is more to the anniversary events than the numismatic competition. On May 8, the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw will open a numismatic exhibition devoted to the notable jubilee. The collection embracing historical medals and coins minted at the Warsaw Mint consists of artifacts gathered in the archives of numerous cultural institutions: the Museum of the University of Warsaw, the National Museum in Cracow, the Czartoryski Foundation in Cracow, the National Museum in Poznań, the Museum of Medallic Art in Wrocław, as well as from the Royal Castle in Warsaw and, understandably, the Mint of Poland.

Traditionally, the Company will join the 2016 Long Night of Museums. However, this year’s nocturnal event will be exceptional, as it will take place in the Royal Baths Park (Łazienki Królewskie). All visitors will have a golden opportunity to participate in the urban game entitled “On the Trail of Stolen Coins”. On their way to the stolen treasure they will meet mysterious figures from the past.

In June, the Mint of Poland will organize a family picnic combined with educational workshops for children.  At the end of September, the celebrations of the jubilee will be crowned by an official gala in the Royal Łazienki Palace in Warsaw.

On this memorable occasion, the Mint of Poland has created a series of commemorative tokens bearing the images of four pattern coins struck in the times of King Stanisław Autust Poniatowski. The jubilee collectibles bear the images of historical pattern coins created by Jan Filip Holzhaeusser, the court medal-maker and engraver. The series honoring the 250th anniversary of the establishment of Warsaw Mint consists of four silver tokens minted in .999 sterling silver: “Crown Taler – Pattern”, “Crown Double Zloty – Pattern”, “Crown Semitaler – Pattern”, “Crown Zloty – Pattern”. Each piece weights 17 g and has 34 mm in diameter. The uniqueness of the collection is confirmed by a strictly limited mintage of only 250 sets. It is housed in an elegant wooden presentation case wrapped in specially designed cover.





─ The 250th anniversary is an all-important moment for our Company. Today few organizations can enjoy an enduring historical legacy. In order to create technically impeccable products that, simultaneously, have an emotional meaning for the customers, we need to recognize the traditional craftsmanship. Nonetheless, state-of-the art technologies are likewise important. To celebrate this memorable anniversary and mark the Minter’s Day, I would like to thank all those who have put their heart and soul into the development of the minting art. ─ said Mr. Grzegorz Zambrzycki, President and CEO of the Mint of Poland.

The anniversary events will be joined by various Polish organizations. Poczta Polska, the state postal administration of Poland, will issue a commemorative stamp and envelope devoted to the Mint’s jubilee. The National Bank of Poland will soon issue a collector coin to mark this important occasion. The anniversary is held under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.