Mint of Poland’s new point of sale opens in Szczecin

1 december 2022

The Mint of Poland has launched its new point of sale of investment gold in Szczecin. It is a response to the needs of those clients who look for personal contact with an expert advisor and prefer individual treatment that better suits their expectations and financial possibilities.

Where to buy gold bullion bars and coins in Szczecin?

In the first nine months of this year alone, the Mint of Poland delivered to clients 2.3 tonnes of gold in total. In response to the high interest in this type of investment, the Mint has now opened a new point of sale for investment gold in Szczecin at ul. Świętego Ducha 5a (Store U1). It is already the fourth point of sale launched by the Mint this year.

Individual treatment and expert advice

In all Mint of Poland’s points of sale, clients interested in gold investment products can obtain advice from an expert who will recommend the best products to suit their expectations and financial possibilities.

The Mint of Poland has been building the credibility of its internationally recognized brand for over 255 years, which guarantees that the Mint’s products are the best choice for gold investors. Equally important is the fact that purchasing gold bullion bars and coins from a reputable manufacturer also gives a certainty of ease of sale in an emergency.