Mint of Poland joins Polish Association of Property Developers

12 december 2022

The Polish Association of Property Developers, one of the largest and most important organizations of the Polish construction industry, has invited the Mint of Poland to become its member. The Associations has been representing the interests of its member companies in Poland and in EU since 2002.

A strong player joins the Polish Association of Property Developers

The Mint of Poland has had a significant impact on development of modern urban infrastructure for many years. Its prestigious portfolio comprises residential and corporate projects which also perform service and recreational functions, meeting the demands of even the most discerning investors. The Mint’s strong market position and broad know-how have now been appreciated by the Polish Association of Property Developer, who invited the company to join the ranks of its members.

Major role in the Polish property development market

The Polish Association of Property Developers currently comprises 300 companies, including residential property, office, hotel, commercial property, warehouse and multi-storey car park developers. The Association is actively engaged in all legislative processes related to the construction sector, by providing opinions on new legislation, representing the industry in government and local government task groups, and participating in debates and discussions aimed to minimise barriers to the development of its members.