Mint of Poland improved its ranking by 25 positions in the “List of 500 Largest Companies”

7 june 2019

In the 21st edition of the rank “List of 500 Largest Companies” made by “Rzeczpospolita” journal, the Capital Group of the Mint of Poland improved its ranking from 313 position to 288 position. The group improved the result by 25 positions as compared with the year 2017 and altogether by 30 positions as compared to 2016. Well thought-out and diversified activity brings concrete results.

Consistent implementation of the development policy of the Mint of Poland Capital Group, based on operations in three segments (mint products, electronic payments, real estate development) allows to systematically strengthen its market position. In 2018, net sales revenues in the Group exceeded PLN 1 billion, and the sales result increased by 146% Y/Y (from PLN 35 million to PLN 86 million). In the same period, net profit, cleared of non-typical events, increased from PLN 5 million in 2017 to PLN 56 million in 2018. The share of exports in sales amounted to nearly 30%.

Like each year, the rank “List of 500 Largest Companies” lists the companies which have unquestionable input into Polish economy development. In the current edition, the incomes of companies included in the rank improved by 5,5% Y/Y while the average revenue increase is 10.6%.