Mint of Poland Group moves up 116 positions in the ranking of Top 500 companies in Poland

27 may 2020

The 22nd edition of the “500 List” comprising the largest companies in Poland has confirmed that well-planned business diversification is conducive to building a stronger market position amidst the dynamically changing market situation. This year, the Mint of Poland Group ranked 117th, up by as many as 116 positions on the year before.

Every year, the “500 List” of the leading Polish businesses compiled by Rzeczpospolita national daily ranks companies which make the largest contribution to Poland’s economic development. In this year’s ranking, the combined revenues generated by all the ranked companies reached a staggering sum of PLN 1,607 billion. Out of that amount, PLN 691 billion came from the group of WSE-listed companies, among them the Mint of Poland, which made up 26.6 percent of the largest Polish companies ranked on the list. In 2019, the revenues of all ranked companies grew, on average, by 7.9 percent, as compared to a 10.6 percent average growth recorded in the year before.

The Mint of Poland Group, one of 133 WSE-listed companies (out of a total of 401) ranked on the list, operates three business segments: Mint products, Electronic payments and Real estate development. The Group’s business development strategy based on diversification and quality excellence has earned the trust of Clients all over the world for its products and services. In this year’s “500 List”, the Mint of Poland Group was ranked 117th, up from 233rd a year before.