Mint of Poland continues to expand its gold stationary retail network

15 february 2021

In the era of record low interest rates on bank deposits and great market uncertainty, we are all looking for a safe haven for our savings to protect them from inflation with a potential for profit in the long-term. Over the last year, many investors found such a safe haven in gold. The precious metal landed in the portfolios of not only large and seasoned investors but also smaller ones who are only starting to build their ‘nest egg’ with relatively small amounts of capital. To respond to the continued huge interest of clients, the Mint of Poland has now launched the sale of gold products in its fifth stationary retail outlet.

Investors value individual approach

While online stores are universally rated for their comfort, in traditional bricks-and-mortar stores clients greatly appreciate the possibility of direct contact and interaction with the sales staff as well as the individual approach to their needs and financial possibilities. Therefore, to meet the high demand for the precious metal, the Mint of Poland, Poland’s only manufacturer of gold bars and the largest distributor of investment gold in the country, has decided to further expand its gold stationary retail network by launching the Mint of Poland’s fifth retail outlet in Gdańsk. Parallel, the company also continues to develop the offer of its online store.

“We are very mindful of the highly diverse needs of buyers of our products. That’s why we keep developing all our sales channels, not only the online ones. We believe in the importance of personal contact in stationary stores where our clients, following the strict social distancing and sanitation rules, can obtain professional advice to choose products which best suit their individual needs,” says Bartosz Grad, Marketing Director, Mint of Poland.

Poles are buying gold in tons

Widely believed to be the most stable and secure investment, gold is the go-to investment asset in the times of great market volatility. Among its many advantages are no barriers to entry (you can start investing with small amounts of money) and simplicity of investment (you only need to monitor gold prices over time). Last year, the clients of the Mint of Poland purchased in total more than 1.8 tons of gold – up by 50% on the year before. The rally of gold prices attracted more investors to join in the buying spree due to the guaranteed capital protection amid the unstable market environment.

Where to buy gold bars and gold bullion coins in a stationary store?

Adding precious metals to your investment portfolio is a perfect balance for keeping your savings in a bank deposit or investing them on the stock market and helps diversify it. Moreover, you can start your investment in gold from a relatively small financial commitment, for instance by buying a one-gram gold bar.

Currently, the Mint of Poland sells gold bars and gold bullion coins in the following five retail outlets all around Poland:

Warszawa – ul. Grzybowska 43A lok. 3
Warszawa – ul. Mokotowska 43
Kraków – Wawel 5
Poznań – ul. Półwiejska 42
Gdańsk – ul. Matejki 20/1

How to invest in gold?

Last year, the most popular products among the clients of the Mint of Poland were the company’s gold bars with weights of 100, 250 and 1,000 grams as well as its two gold bullion coins, The Vienna Philharmonic and Krugerrand. It is good to remember that purchasing gold from a renowned supplier gives the client the certainty of being able to find a ready buyer in the case of future sale of the product.

“I believe that 255 years of tradition of the Mint of Poland is long enough to establish our credentials as a trusted manufacturer and supplier and to confirm the premium quality of our products. We have always given our clients the best choice guarantee. Moreover, as the last year has shown, our clients can also count on us when it comes to providing uninterrupted product supplies even amid the most challenging market conditions,”  Bartosz Grad adds.

The Mint of Poland offers a wide range of gold bars and bullion coins produced by the Mint of Poland and by its renowned foreign partners: from Germany (Heraeus), Belgium (Umicore) and Switzerland (Valcambi).