Andrzej Woyciechowski Prize with the patronage of the Mint of Poland

4 december 2019

We will know the results of the 15th Andrzej Woyciechowski Prize in just ten days. The Mint of Poland will support this valuable initiative for the third time in a row. This year among the nominees there are authors of nine pieces of journalism, i.e. four press and two online articles, a reportage for television, a documentary film, and a book.

Andrzej Woyciechowski was a founder of the first private radio station in Poland based in Warsaw and called Radio ZET. Since 2005 a prize of his name has been awarded to journalists who are well-known for relentlessly pursuing the truth and challenging stereotypes. Apart from a statue, the laureate is given the money prize of PLN 50 000. The Mint of Poland is the patron of this initiative for the third time in a row.  

This year to commemorate thirty years of Poland’s independence, the jury will award a prize to the Journalist of the Decade. This title will go to the person who has resisted political and public pressures, has been professional, impartial and ethical, and has practiced true journalism and not propaganda. The founder of the special prize is Zbigniew Jakubas, who is the main shareholder in the Mint of Poland. The Journalist of the Decade will receive PLN 300 000.