We share our experience in modern payments in public transport

20 september 2023

How can passengers be encouraged to use public transport? What can municipalities and local authorities gain from implementing the Mint of Poland's own solution, the Open Payment System? Katarzyna Budnicka-Filipiuk, President of the Management Board of the Mint of Poland, answered these and other questions during a panel discussion at the Wroclaw Technology Park.

Valuable exchange of knowledge and experience

The prospects of organising integrated transport in the Wroclaw agglomeration and the potential for implementing innovative solutions in the field of public transport fare collection were discussed at two panel sessions held at the Wroclaw Technology Park on 18 September. The meeting was attended by representatives of the authorities of Wroclaw and surrounding municipalities, as well as the Transport Department of the Wroclaw City Hall. The Mint of Poland was represented at the event by Katarzyna Budnicka-Filipiuk, President of the Board.

Solutions for the 'smart city' from the Mint of Poland

For more than five years, residents and tourists in Wroclaw have been able to pay quickly and conveniently on public transport using the popular contactless payment card.

During a panel discussion on modern solutions to promote the use of public transport, Katarzyna Budnicka-Filipiuk spoke about the benefits of implementing the open payment system within URBANCARD. During the session, she emphasised the important role of the solution not only from the passenger's perspective, but also for the city authorities and neighbouring municipalities in the context of creating an integrated public transport system.

Open Payment System - the best payment system available

The Open Payment System is an intuitive solution developed from a deep understanding of the needs of public transport users and city authorities. By using the latest market technology, the Mint of Poland guarantees a simple and intuitive fare payment service, maximum security and an environmentally friendly solution (no paper ticket). At the same time, it is worth recalling that the Open Payment System has already been awarded four times as the best payment system in public transport at the international TRANSEXPO fairs.