Mint of Poland partner at prestigious Mint and Print Conference in Dubai

3 october 2023

The sixth edition of the international Mint and Print Conference has just started in Dubai. The Polish Mint will be represented on the panel by Siemowit Kalukiewicz, Member of the Board for Coin Production and Logistics and Director of Production and Operations. The event will also include a presentation of selected Mint projects that have excited coin enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

Trends and modern monetary production solutions

The Mint of Poland is very active in promoting its competitive advantages in minting at major industry events. The international Mint and Print conference, which brings together central banks, mints, paper mills, printers and converters from all over the world, was an obvious choice.

The programme for the sixth edition of the event, to be held in Dubai from 3 to 5 October, includes a series of panel discussions on topics such as coin minting and banknote production, design issues, the use of new technologies, and security issues.


The Mint of Poland among global experts

On the second day of the conference, Siemowit Kalukiewicz, Member of the Management Board for Monetary Production and Logistics and Production, and Director of Operations at the Mint of Poland, will give a presentation entitled "The Mint of Poland. Tailor-made and global solutions from gold to circulation coins”.

The Mint of Poland is a very strong player on foreign markets. We are one of the leaders in the production of circulation and collector coins. We are constantly strengthening our advantages by investing in the latest technologies and maintaining satisfactory relations with our customers. Fruitful cooperation with central banks from almost all continents confirms their trust in us and the high quality of our products”, says Siemowit Kalukiewicz.

The Mint of Poland produces circulation and collector coins for many foreign issuers. Ultimately, they go to: Europe (e.g. Georgia, Ireland, Estonia, Luxembourg, Albania, Cyprus), South and Central America (e.g. Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Bolivia), Asia (e.g. Nepal, Thailand, Tajikistan, Israel) or Australia. Modern mint presses at the Mint of Poland can produce up to 15 coins per second!


Mint of Poland one of the most innovative mints in the world

Participation in the Mint and Print Conference is an opportunity to share the extensive know-how of the Mint of Poland and to present selected projects, such as Vikings Chess Set, or coins: Gaudi's World II, Hera and Junona, Garden of the Hesperides, Moon, Bee, Clover, Haab Calendar and many more.

The Mint's portfolio includes almost every decorative technique available on the market. High relief, selective gold plating, digital printing, ruthenium plating, selective oxidation, antique finish, selective copper plating, as well as decoration with gemstones and 3D elements are just a few examples of the solutions used.