Coins from the Mint of Poland have arrived in the United States

18 august 2023

Lately, the hearts of numismatic enthusiasts have been beating faster in Pittsburgh. This is due to the World's Fair of Money - a prestigious industry trade fair where the Mint of Poland presented its miniature works of art. Coins with special 3D inserts and gilding, as well as a ducat with Kazimierz Pulaski, attracted the greatest amount of interest.f interest.

The Mint of Poland among the best

The World's Fair of Money, organized by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) from 8 to 12 of August in Pittsburgh, attracted more than 1,200 dealers and mints from several different countries. The Mint of Poland, which is one of the world's leading mints, could not have missed this event. Participation in an international fair, held with such great prestige, is an opportunity to present a broad range of expertise and unique projects, as well as to build and strengthen relationships with current and potential business partners.

During the numismatic enthusiasts' fair, which lasted for several days, participants could not only "see" millions of dollars in rare coins and miniature works of art, but also take part in auctions and lectures as well as presentations by well-known numismatists.

Of particular interest among the coins presented by the Mint of Poland were those with special 3D inserts and gilding, such as the "Odin" coin. However, these were not the only numismatic gems that visitors to the fair could see.

A coin with a unique historical background

Through the presence of the Mint of Poland, many Americans had the opportunity to learn more about the long tradition of Polish minting, as well as the role of Kazimierz Pułaski in the history of both the United States and Poland. Recently, the Mint of Poland has introduced gold ducats and a silver thaler with the image of the general into its range of investment products. This is a tribute to the man who fought for the freedom of two nations and saved the life of the future President of the United States during the Battle of Brandywine in 1777. Gold ducats with the image of general Pułaski and other works of minting art are available for sale in the online shop of the Mint of Poland.