Bullion investment of great value - more than 6 tons reached customers in 2022

30 march 2023

The Mint of Poland delivered a total of over 6 tons of precious metals to customers in 2022. For gold investment products, nearly 60 percent of all gold sales were own-brand products. They are created at the only plant on the market specializing in mint production, where a new casting line was launched in 2022.

Rising demand for bullion

According to data released by the World Gold Council, demand for investment gold increased year-on-year by 18 percent. Recently, we have seen the highest gold quotations since the pandemic peaks. At a time of chaos and high unpredictability, due to the situation in Ukraine and problems in the banking sector, investors are looking even more favorably than usual toward bullion.

In 2022, a total of more than 6 tons of gold and silver went to Mint of Poland customers. The most popular in the group of gold investment products, sales of which exceeded over 3 tons last year, were 2-gram bars of own production (the highest performance in terms of volume) and 100-gram bars (the highest performance in terms of revenue).

Products of the Mint of Poland brand accounted for nearly 60 percent of the value of all investment gold sales. In the group of bullion coins, investors' were attracted to the 1-ounce Krugerrand coin, issued by the national mint of South Africa. For silver investment products, kilogram bars accounted for the largest share of sales in 2022.

High-tech solutions

The Mint of Poland consistently invests in the development of its sales network, as well as in cutting-edge technological solutions that improve the production of gold bars, among others. In 2022, a new casting line was launched, which currently satisfies 100 percent of the company's demand for the so-called "work pieces" used in the production of investment bars. The Mint of Poland has already accepted several orders from external entities for the production of such semi-fabricated products.


Dynamic development of the sales network

In 2022 the Mint of Poland was very active in developing its in-store sales network for investment gold. A total of six new sales offices (Lublin, Katowice, Białystok, Szczecin, Rzeszów, Gdańsk) and one company store in Wrocław were launched. Sales at in-store outlets accounted for 45% of total sales in 2022.

In the first quarter of 2023, the Mint of Poland also launched the most advanced online mint shopping platform in Europe. Intuitive navigation of the Mint of Poland's e-store is provided by an extensive customer panel.