We develop special packages of marketing activities which involve our products and services, helping promote the image of corporate clients. Coins and numismatic products are the perfect drivers of brand value. We make every effort to effectively use their potential as part of loyalty programmes and charity campaigns.

Our Projects

Many of projects, which we are partners in, have been marked on the calendar of marketing activities of our clients for good.
Fundacja TVN „Nie jesteś sam”

TVN Foundation "You Are Not Alone"

All the Change Is Happiness – a cyclic charity campaign that uses ducats as donation certificates (so-called "Happy Ducats").


"Reszta w Twoich rękach" (literally: "Change Is in Your Hands") – a cyclic charity campaign


"Iconic Polish Motorcycles" – in 2014, Mennica Polska manufactured token coins with images of iconic Polish motorcycles.
Powstanie Warszawskie

Ringier Axel Springer

Commemorative numismatic products minted to commemorate important events and great people

We serve many different clients, adapting our offer to their individual needs

Totalizator Sportowy    Totalizator Sportowy

Drapnij wygraną (Scratch and Win) – a loyalty programme with a promotional numismatic product, the aim of which was to promote the best retailers. The project was implemented within three consecutive years.

Pekao SA        Pekao SA

Medals and pins – Mennica delivered a collection of jubilee medals and pins for Bank Pekao S.A., which were then given to the employees to honor the years of their good work for the Bank.

Fiat Auto Poland     Fiat Auto Poland

“Kolekcja Fiata na lata” (literally: “Fiat Cars for Years”) – a loyalty programme based on token coins with images of the Fiat models of cars and certificates, serving also as discount vouchers for all services and parts provided in FIAT authorized service centres. The project was carried out for 2 years.

IKEA         IKEA

“50-lecie IKEA” (literally: “50 Years of IKEA”) – a loyalty programme based on discount vouchers. Under this initiative, 9 million 20-zloty-discount vouchers were sent to households to encourage potential customers to visit the nearest IKEA store.

Agora S.A.      Agora S.A.

“Błogosławiony Jan Paweł II(literally: “Blessed John Paul II”) – a beatification numismatic product with an image of John Paul II, issued as a supplement to Gazeta Wyborcza, a daily newspaper. During one day, the sales of this gold-plated numismatic product reached 112 thousand pieces. The total volume of its sales was nearly 150 thousand pieces.

“Kolekcja Orła Białego” (literally: “White Eagle Collection”) – a supplement to Gazeta Wyborcza in the form of a series of seven numismatic products, illustrating the evolution of the Polish national emblem throughout the course of history of Poland from the 13th century until the present day.

Edipresse Polska      Edipresse Polska

“Kolekcja Maryjna” (literally: “Marian Collection”) – a collection of 20 numismatic products, plated with 24-carat gold with the most beautiful images of the Mother of Jesus, which were sold every two weeks in kiosks and distributor’s outlets.

“The 1st Anniversary of the Beatification of John Paul II” – a 24-carat gold-plated numismatic product, minted to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the beatification of John Paul II. It was sold in kiosks and distributor’s outlets together with certified holy ground.

Polish Humanitarian Action – E.Leclerc

“Dukaty Dobroci” (“Ducats of Kindness”) – a charity campaign based on coins (so-called “Ducats of Kindness” with their face value of 5 zloty each). Ducats were available only at the E.Leclerc stores. The collected funds were given to support the food programme for children called "Pajacyk". The project was implemented in 2013 together with the Polish Humanitarian Action and E.Leclerc in the whole territory of Poland.


“Kultowe polskie samochody” (literally: “Iconic Polish Cars”) – in 2010, Mennica Polska manufactured numismatic products showing cars made in Poland. The numismatic products were available to every person who filled up their car with fuel and bought something at one of the PKN Orlen petrol stations. Among models presented on the numismatic products were: Syrena, Fiat 126p, Fiat 125p, Polonez and Warszawa. The obverse of the entire collection presented the logo of PKN ORLEN and an engraved image of old cars. At the bottom of the obverse, there was the name of the series: "Kultowe Polskie Samochody".

Selgros      Selgros

Jubilee numismatic products – silver numismatic products made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of operation of the Selgros net. Packed in a case along with a certificate.

TRAKT Centre for Cultural Tourism in Poznań   Centrum Turystyki Kulturowej TRAKT w Poznaniu

Promotional numismatic products – two editions, 10 thousand pieces each. Made of brass.   

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