Mennica Ochrona Sp. z o.o. has a status of a Specialized Armed Security Formation. It also holds the Industrial Security Certificate issued by the Internal Security Agency, which confirms our ability to protect confidential information classified as "secret information". We operate in Poland, delivering services in the field of ensuring professional security of production and office facilities, as well as transportation of raw materials, finished and semi-finished goods and other valuable or dangerous items.

Range of services

First of all – security

Security personnel

Our security guards have extensive professional experience. They hold security guard licences of the 1st and 2nd degree, issued by the Police, and permits allowing gun ownership. They also have certificates entitling them to access confidential information, constituting business or state secrets, classified as "secret information".

Agenci Ochrony

Bodyguard and property security

We provide bodyguard and property security services. Our employees’ tasks include monitoring the secured site, controlling the presence of undesirable people or people behaving suspiciously, patrolling the area, controlling the flow of people and materials and checking technical and mechanical security systems.

Ochrona osób i mienia

Convoy security

Through our specialized unit called the Convoy Group, we provide professional convoy security services to ensure secure transportation of cash and valuables. The Group is equipped with firearms, personal protective equipment and necessary communications equipment.

Konwojowanie wartości

Currency Counting

We have a well-equipped currency-counting operation centre. We offer currency counting, sorting, packing and quality control services.

Liczenie gotówki

Contact details

Feel free to contact our Divisions

Property security

High quality bodyguard and property security services

tel.: (22) 656 44 45
tel./fax: (22) 656 42 05


Professional services, securing transportation
Andrzej Grabowski

  tel.: (22) 656 42 05

Event security

Professional support of major events
Jan Gańko, Andrzej Grabowski

tel.: (22) 656 42 05

Money counting

Modern and secured currency-counting operation centre

tel.: (22) 656 45 17
tel./fax: (22) 656 42 05