What are seals?

A seal is a symbol and proof of credibility of individuals and legal entities. Seals certify the authenticity of letters and official documents. They can also serve as a security measure for official documents preventing them from being opened. Seals are punched by special dies with a specific emblem dedicated to a given entity. From December 13, 1927, by the decision of the President of Poland, the only place where all seals with the national emblem of Poland (so-called official seals) shall be legally manufactured is Mennica Polska.

Who can place an order?

Official seals can be ordered by authorized legal institutions which were mentioned in §17 item 1 of the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 7th December, 1955 on Official Plates and Seals. According to the Regulation, withdrawn official seals accompanied by a cover letters shall be immediately delivered to Mennica Polska by registered mail or courier, as specified in §17 of the Regulation.

Commemorative seals can be ordered by municipal councils, individuals and companies. To place your order, please contact our contact person indicated in this tab.


Types of seals

Mennica Polska offers the following types of seals:

  • Official seals – constituting the symbols of legal authority, confirming the authority, security, authenticity and legal validity of state institutions;
  • Commemorative seals – with coats of arms, featuring heraldic symbols, dedicated to towns and cities, districts, individuals and companies (e.g. presenting their logos).
  • DRY, EMBOSSED – 20mm and 36mm
  • FOR SEALING WAX – 30mm
  • FOR INK – 20mm, 25mm, 36mm
  • REFERENCE SEALS – seals without an emblem, with a registration number
  • SINGLE- AND DOUBLE-RIMMED – depending on the length of the text on the seal, number of letters and font type used.


How to order?

  • the original order properly signed to the headquarters of Mennica Polska (orders sent via e-mail or fax will not be accepted and processed);
  • Mennica Polska will confirm the acceptance of your order, prepare a preliminary estimate (the price depends on the number of rims on the seal;
  • We offer three different order delivery options:


Standard – approx. 30 days (the number of days depends on the number of currently processed orders);
Express (+30% of the basic price) – 5 business days from the day of receipt of your order by Mennica Polska and 48 hours reserved for the delivery by courier;
Super express (+50% of the basic price) – 3 business days from the day of receipt of your order by Mennica Polska and 48 hours reserved for the delivery by courier.


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