Our values

What does Mennica Polska stand out with among other mints in the world?


Mennica Polska is recognized as one of the most innovative mints in the world. Every year we present our products at major international competitions, winning numerous awards. 250 years of experience allows us to combine tradition with modernity in a skilful way.


In our activities we keep attention primarily to the satisfaction of our customers. We provide timely delivery and execution of orders with the involvement of the best specialists in the numismatic and investment industries. The products of Mennica Polska are manufactured from the highest quality materials, which are obtained only from reliable suppliers.


The reliability of our company is backed up by 250 years of experience. We are the sole manufacturer of circulation coins in Poland and recognized partner in the international market. As part of our activities we realize orders for foreign central banks.

Advanced technologies

We constantly develop our technological base, which allows us to create products appreciated by the world's leading experts in the field of numismatics. Inventing more and more advanced solutions is fuelled by the strategic business objective of Mennica Polska which is to become the leader in the international arena.

Production process

The secrets of the production of circulation coins for central banks


We invite every person who is interested in the secrets of production of coins for foreign central banks to watch a promotional video on the circulation and collector coins made for the National Bank of Armenia.

Completed projects

We invite you to read about the selected editions!

  • The National Bank of Poland

  • The National Bank of Georgia

  • The National Bank of Colombia

  • The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic

  • Other

The National Bank of Poland

The National Bank of Poland

From 1st January, 1995 Narodowy Bank Polski has been issuing 9 denominations of circulation coins, six of which are minted by Mennica Polska: 10gr, 20gr, 50 gr, 1 zl, 2 zl and 5 zl.

On the obverse of each circulation coin there is an image of the eagle established as the emblem of the Republic of Poland and the year of issue, which is the actual year of minting the coin. Along the rim there is an inscription: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA (THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND).


In the central part of the circulation coin reverse there is a number - the nominal value expressed in gr or zl. Along the edge there is a decorative ornament in the form of oak leaves - different for each denomination.

1gr, 2gr and 5gr coins are made of brass-coated steel, while those in the denominations of 10gr, 20gr, 50gr and 1zl are made of cupronickel (MN25). 2zl and 5zl coins are both minted of cupronickel (the 2 zl coin core and the 5 zl coin ring) as well as of aluminium bronze (the 5 zl coin core and the 2zl coin ring).

Depending on the denomination, the coin edge is reeded (1gr, 20gr and 50gr) or plain (2gr and 2zl), the plain edge alternates with the reeded one (5gr, 10gr and 1zl) or is irregularly milled (5zl).


The National Bank of Georgia

The National Bank of Georgia

Under the agreement with the National Bank of Georgia Mennica Polska struck 30 million circulation coins, including 15 million pieces having the denomination of 1 lari (cupronickel Cu75Ni25) and 15 million in the denominations of 20 tetri (stainless steel Z8C17). 1 lari coin has a reeded edge with an inscription in Georgian and English, while 20 tetri coin has a plain edge.


The National Bank of Colombia

The National Bank of Colombia

Mennica Polska completed a contract for nearly 125 million circulation coins made to order of the National Bank of Colombia. The coin with the denomination of 200 pesos (60.5 million pieces) was entirely made of nickel silver – the alloy of copper, nickel and zinc. For the production of the bimetallic coin of 500 pesos (64 million pieces) there was used aluminium bronze in addition to nickel silver. The image on the obverse transits seamlessly from the core to the ring.


The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic

In 2009 Mennica Polska issued 2 denominations (10 pesos - 25 million pieces; 5 pesos - 30 million pieces) of circulation coins for the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic. Aluminium bronze, cupronickel and stainless steel were used for their production.



In recent years Mennica Polska has realized numerous contracts, including the ones with the Philippines, Israel and Venezuela.