Mint of Poland with an expert presentation at TEMAN in Singapore

10 november 2022

Siemowit Kalukiewicz, Management Board Member for Coin Production and Logistics represented the Mint of Poland at the 20th Technical Meeting of the Mints (TEMAN) in Singapore. During the meeting, he delivered an expert presentation on “Advanced Minting Technologies Providing Truly Artistic Visual Effects”.

Mint of Poland on the international arena

The Technical Meeting of the Mints (TEMAN) is a platform for exchanging knowledge on trends in the payments industry and best practices, including in mint production. During the 20th TEMAN in Singapore, Siemowit Kalukiewicz, Management Board Member for Coin Production and Logistics, had the pleasure of presenting the rich experience of the only mint operating in Poland.

Innovation drawing on the best traditions

During his presentation, Siemowit Kalukiewicz drew on the brand’s strong position on international markets in the production of circulation coins, as well as the unique proposition offered by the Mint in the segment of collector coins.

Technological advancement and unquestionable artistic qualities are the Mint of Poland’s hallmark features. An example of Mint’s technology leadership are the industry’s first 3D coins: Fortuna Redux, Seven New Wonders of the World, Trans-Siberian Railway Egg, Medusa and Magellan. Among the projects discussed at TEMAN were the coins Yeti, Be strong, Kitsune and Freyja, which are currently available for sale in the Mint of Poland’s online shop.