New payment solution for public transport tickets in Wrocław

14 february 2024

On 14 February, passengers on public transport in Wrocław gained a new option for paying for tickets. They will benefit from Visa Mobile as part of the system operated by the Mint of Poland, making purchases through the Passenger Portal or the URBANCARD application.

What is Visa Mobile?

Visa Mobile is a Visa card payment method for e-commerce transactions in online stores or mobile applications. To pay for products, the user selects the 'Visa Mobile' option when completing the transaction, enters their phone number and confirms the transaction on their mobile device. For a full list of banks whose customers can use the solution, please visit

From 14 February, passengers on public transport in Wrocław will benefit from this option when purchasing tickets via the Passenger Portal ( or the URBANCARD mobile application.

How to use Visa Mobile?

To use the new payment method, download and install the free Visa Mobile app from your phone's app store.  Then, add your Visa payment card(s) to Visa Mobile, verify your details, and enter the phone number you will use to pay for purchases. Finally, set up a personal PIN number to validate transactions. This process only needs to be completed once. Visa Mobile can be used through the card issuer's app if the issuer has made the service available to its Visa cardholders.

How to pay in Wrocław, using Visa Mobile?

The payment process is quick and simple. It can be completed in as little as three steps. To purchase tickets for public transport in Wroclaw on the passenger portal or the URBANCARD mobile application, select Visa Mobile as the payment method. Then, enter your phone number and confirm the transaction with a pre-defined PIN. If the consumer uses the bank's application to accept Visa Mobile transactions, the process may be slightly different.

Why pay with Visa Mobile?

Visa Mobile uses tokenisation to turn card data into a unique and complex cipher, making it impossible for fraudsters to read and use. This process creates a unique token for each transaction, allowing for faster payments in online shops without compromising security. Visa Mobile transactions are just as secure as other Visa transactions.

It is important to remember that using a Visa card, including making online payments with a smartphone, is covered by additional protection known as the chargeback procedure. If there are any issues with a purchase, such as receiving the wrong ticket in the URBANCARD system or being dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint, you can use this mechanism. The first step is to try to resolve the problem by contacting the seller. If the issue cannot be resolved amicably, the bank that issued the Visa card can try to recover the funds from the seller's bank.