Bliska Wola

The complex of two office buildings is to be built in place of the former headquarters of the Mint of Poland, just 250 metres from the "Rondo ONZ" station of the second metro line, in the vicinity of bus and tram stops. The space of the 32-floor tower of Mennica Legacy Tower will amount to 49,600 sq. m., while the second, 9-floor building, will provide additional 14,200 sq. m.

Bliska Wola


Mennica Legacy Tower was designed by a renowned Chicago-based architecture studio - Goettsch Partners. Its subtle curvatures, the division of the facade and fully glazed 13-metre main lobby are to contribute to the buildings’ lightness and dynamism, making them an interesting element of the modern skyline of the district of Wola.


With respect for tradition

The Mennica Legacy Tower complex will be a stunning architectural element among modern buildings of the quarter of ul. Prosta, Waliców, Grzybowska and Żelazna. The pedestrian passage, starting at ul. Prosta, will lead the residents across a square right next to the historic building of Jung’s Brewery into a residential enclave of Mennica Residence.


Contact details

tel.: (22) 656 44 44

Mennica Polska S.A.
ul. Waliców 11, 00-851 Warszawa