Further projects include, among others: a multi-family residential and commercial building in Warsaw at ul. Polna 3 accommodating 10,483.1 sq. m, 88 flats (2001) and the multi-family residential building "Zielony Dom” (en. Green House) in Warsaw at ul. Skorochód Majewskiego 9 occupying 14,578.5 sq. m and consisting of 177 flats (2002).

Between 2001 and 2008, the Company completed a multi-stage investment project – a multi-family residential complex called "Rajska Jabłoń" (en. Heavenly Apple Tree) in Jabłonna. During construction works on a 60,000 sq. m. plot of land, 19 four-floor houses were designed and built, where there are 864 premises.

Reaffirming our business strategy, which assumes diversifying the sources of revenues, the Company focused on the development of its activity in the real estate development sector. For this purpose, the Mint of Poland established the Real Estate Development Division, headed by Robert Wojtaś. Sylwester Wybranowski is responsible for the sales of real estate development products, whereas Artur Karczykowski’s task is to manage the Division’s marketing activities.

All persons working in the newly established division have extensive experience on the real estate development market both as independent experts and team leaders. They have a thorough knowledge and qualifications necessary for the implementation and operation of construction projects at all stages.

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