Goldfinch, 1 dollar, Fascinating World of Birds

Goldfinch, 1 dollar, Fascinating World of Birds
Goldfinch, 1 dollar, Fascinating World of Birds
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  • Issuer:
  • Producer:
    Mint of Poland
  • Denomination:
    1 New Zealand dollar
  • Metal:
    Ag 999
  • Quality:
  • Weight:
    17.50 g
  • Circulation:
    999 pcs
  • Date of issue:
    June 2017

This beautiful series was created to take us to the captivating world of birds, enchanting us with the riot of colors and astonishing variety of species. The Goldfinch is one of the most colorful birds of our yards. Its cheerful twitters and trills are melodious and variable; you will easily recognize it during a spring walk in the park.

  • great gift for all people interested in ornithology!
  • minted in .999-sterling silver
  • photographic-quality digital printing
  • limited mintage – only  999 pcs!
  • specially designed presentation case featuring the goldfinch

Flamboyantly-feathered goldfinch looks impressive on our silver coin! Thanks to high-end digital printing, the images of the goldfinches look extremely lifelike – juicy colors and stark contrast let us see even the tiniest details of their plumage. Specially designed presentation case forms with the coin a coherent, harmonious whole.

The goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) is a little extravagant and very distinctive little bird. The most conspicuous feature of the goldfinch – the bright red mask – contrasts with white and black stripes on its head. The bird has a light brown mantle and creamy white rump and underparts. The tail of the goldfinch is slightly forked. The upperwing is black with bright yellow bar. Dark flight feathers and rectrices on the tail and wings are white-tipped. 


  1. In the central part of the coin – effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Below it – initials of the sculptor: IRB (Ian Rank-Broadley).
  2. Below it – mint mark: m/w, hallmark: Ag 999.
  3. Along the rim – inscriptions separated by decorative dots: ELIZABETH II, NIUE ISLAND (issuer), 1 DOLLAR (face value), 2017 (year of issue).
  1. In the central part of the coin – multi-colored images of the goldfinch (on a branch and in mid-flight).
  2. Left-hand, along the rim – name of the series in English: THE FASCINATING WORLD OF BIRDS.
  3. Right-hand, along the rim – name of the coin in Polish and Latin: Szczygieł zwyczajny/ Carduelis carduelis (separated by a decorative pearl).
  4. In the background – stylized decorative surface: leaves and twigs of Carduus.