Mennica-Metale Szlachetne S.A. manufactures products made of precious metals for industrial and individual customers. As part of our business, we also provide precious metals refining services. High quality production and vast professional experience of our staff allow us to guarantee our customers complete client satisfaction with our services.

Range of services


Catalysts for the chemical industry

We are the only Polish manufacturer and supplier of precious metal gauzes. The use of our catalytic and catchment packets allows for reducing most of precious metals losses.

Katalizatory dla przemysłu chemicznego

Laboratory equipment

We manufacture laboratory equipment using chemically pure (3N) PtIr2 alloy, ± 0,5% tolerance. In our service portfolio we have laboratory containers made of pure platinum, platinum mixed with gold alloy (PtAu5%) as well as platinum mixed with rhodium alloy (PtRh10%).

Sprzęt laboratoryjny

Products for the glass industry

Our company is the only manufacturer of equipment for glass furnaces made of precious metals. We deliver, among others, thermocouple covers, glass moulds, agitators and other parts according to our standard parameters.

Wyroby dla przemysłu szklarskiego

Metal sheets and wires

We use gold and platinum to manufacture rolled products (metal sheets made of precious metals and metal tapes made of platinum alloys mixed with rhodium or iridium) and drawn products (wires made of precious metals). Our products offer lots of applications in numerous fields of industrial engineering, science and medicine.


Blachy i druty


Our offer includes the production of powder gold used for surface gilding, e.g. of historical monuments for conservation purposes, as well as powder silver, applied, among others, in dentistry and electronics.


Proszki z metali szlachetnych

Laser pointers

We manufacture special pigments for laser pointers, which are used to secure tickets, identification documents (passports, driving licences, licences) and government documents (registration documents, birth certificates, death certificates, visas, stamps, excise stamps).

Wskaźniki laserowe

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Powders and laboratory equipment

Precious metals powders and laboratory equipment production
Katarzyna Kos

tel. (22) 656 42 05

Metal sheets
and wires

Rolled and drawn products
Artur Grabowski

  tel.: (22) 656 42 05

Glass industry, catalysts, laser pointers

Catalysts for the chemical industry, products for the glass industry
Krzysztof Salwa

tel.: (22) 763 99 70