Golden Lucky Hen First Fabergé Egg, 2 dollars

Golden Lucky Hen First Fabergé Egg, 2 dollars
Golden Lucky Hen First Fabergé Egg, 2 dollars
Golden Lucky Hen First Fabergé Egg, 2 dollars
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  • Issuer:
  • Denomination:
    2 dollars
  • Metal:
    Ag 999
  • Decoration:
    digital printing, a capsule containing a silver 24-carat gold-plated filigree insert
  • Size:
    41.00 mm
  • Weight:
    28.28 g
  • Circulation:
    up to 2,000 pcs
  • Date of issue:
    January 2017

Finally! Consecutive issue of the Chinese Calendar (Rooster) directly from the Mint of Poland has just seen the light of day.

With its precise finishing and elaborate design, the coin alludes to a priceless jewel created in the workshop of Peter Carl  Fabergé. The jeweled hen depicted on the reverse glistens with a golden shade, whereas the Imperial Crown of Russia is featured below it. Transparent capsule in the bottom part of the coin contains two silver filigree eggs coated with 24-carat gold.

World-famous issuer, sophisticated design and fine 999-sterling silver. Undoubtedly, this combination is doomed to success!

But there is more to it! Collector value of this coin is multiplied by its strictly limited mintage. This is the reason why its purchase won’t be as easy as it might seem… In order to get it, you need to quickly make your mind.

  • great gift idea
  • lucky coin
  • highest purity of silver
  • ntricate decorations
  • specially designed presentation case in the shape of a frame


The First Hen Egg was created in 1884. Its two enamel-covered halves open like a matryoshka doll to reveal a gold yolk with a varicolored platinum hen inside it. The latter contained a diamond-studded replica of an imperial crown missing today. The design delighted the Tsar so much that he ordered his  jeweler to each year make corresponding surprise gifts for Tsarina. Over time, the designs of  Fabergé eggs became more and more elaborate and intricate, with their surface covered with enamel and studded with precious stones. Consecutive eggs were also fitted with clock mechanisms. One of them caused a tiny rooster emerge from the egg every hour. 

  1. In the upper part of the coin – effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
  2. Below it – initials of the sculptor: IRB (Ian Rank-Broadley).
  3. Above it – hallmark: Ag 999, mint mark: m/w, issuer: NIUE, ELIZABETH II.
  4. Along the rim, left-hand – face value: 2 DOLLARS.
  5. Right-hand – year of issue: 2017. In the background – stylized decorative surface.