Arabian Horse,1 dollar, Series: Man’s Best Friends – Horses

silver coin arabian horse series best mans friends
coin arabian horse by the mint of poland
arabian horse coin best mans friends series
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  • Issuer:
  • Denomination:
    1 New Zealand dollar
  • Metal:
    Ag 999
  • Decoration:
    digital printing
  • Quality:
  • Size:
    38.61 mm
  • Weight:
    17.50 g
  • Circulation:
    850 pcs
  • Date of issue:
    February 2015

They are noble and elegant, yet strong and robust. Thanks to distinctive blend of grace and strength, Arabian horses are the epitome of classical equine beauty.

The Mint of Poland, inspired by the charm and nobility of these majestic animals, is proud to present a unique commemorative coin opening the series “Man’s Best Friends – Horses”.

  • A must-have for all horse lovers!
  • Minted in pure silver
  • High-end digital printing
  • Limited mintage – only 850 pcs!
  • Specially designed presentation case featuring the Arabian horse

Not only lovers of equestrian activities will be enchanted with its silver gleams! Vivid images of hot-blooded Arabian horses dynamically reflect sheer beauty of these gentle animals. Thanks to high-quality digital printing the image of the palfrey depicted on the coin looks strikingly lifelike. The project alludes to the desert landscape of the Arabian Peninsula – the cradle of the Arabian horse.

Arabians, as they are often referred to, are very intelligent, good-natured and willing to please. No wonder that these delightful animals are the subject of many legends. One of them states that Muhammad, after a strenuous desert journey, tested his mares’ loyalty by turning them back from a waterhole. Only five of the desperately thirsty animals responded. These faithful mares became the legendary founders of the pure-blood Arabian breed.


In the central part of the coin – effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Below – inscriptions: Ag 999 (hallmark), m/w (mint mark). Along the rim – inscriptions: ELIZABETH II, NIUE ISLAND (issuer), 1 DOLLAR (face value), 2015 (year of issue).


In the central part of the coin – colorful image of a pure-blood chestnut Arabian horse. Right-hand – relief image of  the representative of the breed. In the background – decorative surface: desert sand.  Above it – outline of a horse rider dressed in Bedouin traditional clothes. Along the rim – name of the coin in Polish and English: KOŃ ARABSKI/ARABIAN HORSE.